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Asish Sunny, CXO

We are a small independent design studio hailing from Kerala, India. We provide top-notch UI/UX Design services in areas such as Saas Applications, Mobile Applications, and Websites for clients around the globe.

We strive to make peoples lives easier by helping founders create interfaces that are simple, clean, elegant and above all functional.

Pixalchemy is the brain child of two brothers, both former mechanical engineers who share a passion for design, technology, creativity and innovation.

Akhil Sunny, COO

  • Asish Sunny, CXO
  • Akhil Sunny, COO
What we offer
UX / Strategy
  • User Research & Analysis
  • User journey mapping
  • Wireframe creation
  • Prototyping & testing
UI / Visual design
  • Web / Saas applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Responsive designs
  • Design systems
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User interface design and its underlying experience are the core of what we do here at Pixalchemy. The design projects we undertake range from new products to redesigns of existing mobile applications, websites, or enterprise software. We leverage our design thinking and problem-solving skills to develop and test design solutions by understanding client demands and anticipating user needs. We then convert rough sketches, wireframes, and prototypes to intuitive and pixel-perfect mobile or web products.

We strive to become the industry gold standard for UI/UX design. We are not afraid to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with agencies in Silicon valley in terms of the quality of products we design. We are obsessed with delivering superior quality websites as well as the best app design for mobile and web interfaces. We work tirelessly to improve ourselves every day by adhering to lean principles such as 5S and Kaizen. The products we deliver are thoughtfully crafted to be aesthetically pleasing, human-centric, and easy to understand while staying true to your desired brand image and business development goals.

The pricing of our services is dependent on parameters such as the scope of the project, timeline, and deliverables. We make our estimates based on time and materials basis or output basis. When the requirements are unclear or the scope is dynamic, we prefer to engage on a time and material basis, in which you pay for the time we spent in hours. We also engage in a fixed pricing contract where we give a proposal after properly understanding the requirements. All our estimates are on an hourly basis by analyzing the time required for getting the job done.

We always try to determine the fit early on by considering the budget and time constraints as well as the problem we are solving. We then prepare a proposal after analyzing the scope and budget. After agreeing on the proposal, we get into the contract by defining deliverables, payment terms, timeline, rights, responsibilities, and dispute resolution. We kick off the project after receiving 40% of the budget as an advance payment. The remaining amount will be expected to be paid as two equal installments of 30% of the budget after completing half of the project and the whole project respectively.

The main activities of our UI/UX design process include user journey mapping, wireframing, preparation of sample screens, and agreeing on design parameters followed by preparation of style guides, design systems, user interface designs, and prototyping. We ensure that our designs as well as the assets we hand over to the developers are clean and easy to understand. We also offer extended support to the developers to assure that the product is concurrent with the vision of our clients.

Fill in the form or email us at contact@pixalchemyxd.com